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What is PasGF?

PasGF is a miltiplatform Object Pascal framework that helps the programmers to build graphical applications.

PasGF is (or will be) the successor of the LPTK (that was also developed by me).
LPTK was rather an experiment. It wasn/t organized very well. When I decided to continue this work I wanted to create something for long time. So I redesigned/reviewed the code so muct that deserved a new name leaving LTPK in the original state.

Recent Changes

  • Timer support added
  • Style support added from LPTK
  • Image handling generalized, simplified


The current sources can be retrieved from the CVS repository using the following command:

 cvs -d co pasgf

Current State

The code is in quite an early state. Many of the LPTK's functinonality is missing. The widget development isn't really started yet.

The biggest changes to LPTK

  • WideString used instead of schar16 unit. (When I started LPTK it wasn't available for FPC)
  • Platform independence handled in separate units instead of IFDEFS
  • Altered, more generalized image handling
  • "pgf" Prefix used for distinguish the PasGF names from others

Planned Changes

  • Buffered drawing
  • Window in Window

Main principles

  • It does not intend to be compatible with Delphi
  • Runs on Windows (with FPC and Delphi) and on Linux (with FPC). The applications appearance should be identical on the two platforms.
  • The applications do not depend on huge external libraries (like gtk or qt)
  • All the GUI look and behavior programmed in the LPTK using Object Pascal features
  • Natively supports Unicode. The texts stored in 16-bit Unicode format.
  • Anti aliased font rendering on Linux (using Xft)


The PasGF released under BSD style license that does not restricts the usage of the source codes. This allows for example static linking of the PasGF library without providing the object code of the distributed application (in contrast with LGPL).


All source and documentation © 2003-2006 Nagy Viktor and others. This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under BSD type license agreement.